Indian. Lazy English major and part-time book hoarder. I talk about feelings, emotions and things that matter.

Travel Series

My keychains from Jaipur looked cheap and tacky to the general eye, but they meant so much more to me

Souvenirs on sale near Jal Mahal, Jaipur (From author’s phone Gallery).

My favourite part about travel has been the things I could get from my trip. I’ve often wondered if this indicated a weird obsession with materialism and was a by-product of the consumerist strategies of contemporary tourism. …

Crushes, unrequited love and everything in between.

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Wonderful feeling isn’t it? When you think you’re in love and all that stuff?

My friends always called me the “logical” one in our group because I was the one forcing them to think unemotionally when any of them were going through relationship troubles or breakups. That is, until I started maniacally crushing on a random guy everyone loved.

My friends stopped calling me…

Anjali Joshi

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