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Indian. Lazy English major and part-time book hoarder. One day I’ll read all the books in my bookshelf, until then I write here.

I kept my legs closely shaved to mimic some level of aesthetic beauty and acceptance that I then found in smooth, hairless skin.

Picture from Rife Magazine (Amy Glasman)

Getting rid of body hair is like getting used to make-up. You start off thinking you’re not going to do it again for a while. But then…

When a progressive brand accidentally promotes period stigma.

Photo from

Sirona calls itself “an award-winning product innovation brand, committed to solving those intimate and menstrual hygiene issues for women, which are not adequately addressed in the country”. And I honestly thought it came in earnest when I heard about their menstrual cup…

We all have that one friend who refuses to use the right pronoun.

Image from Alison Czinkota / Verywell

So it’s Pride Month and your social media is probably filled with colourful posts and gay memes. There’s an increased awareness around the use of pronouns, the gender spectrum, different sexualities and there’s so much to learn…

Lee Sang-hee and Ryu Abel in Our Love Story (2016)

Our Love Story cannot be called “satisfying” but it’s surely a good watch.

6.8/10 · IMDb

Director: Hyun-ju Lee

Starring: Lee Sang-hee, Ryu Abel

Our Love Story or Yeon-ae-dam (2016) is just that: their love story. Of all the Korean romantic movies I’ve seen, this one stands out for two…

Crushes, unrequited love and everything in between.

Image credit:

Wonderful feeling isn’t it? When you think you’re in love and all that stuff?

My friends always called me the “logical” one in our group because I was the one forcing them to think unemotionally when any of them were going through relationship troubles or breakups. That is, until I started maniacally crushing on a random guy everyone loved.

My friends stopped calling me…

2 years after the novel, 6 years after the Hollywood film — John Green’s The Fault in our Stars continues to get torn apart for its favourite readers.


I’ve been meaning to write this piece for a while now but some part of me wanted to mourn Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death last year. Besides, all the chaos surrounding the incident would never have allowed an unsympathetic dissection of his last ever film. …

Photo Credit: Help Us Stop Body Shaming in its Tracks (

I’ll make this short because the message is simple: stop judging humans bodies for the sake of it.

Recently my grandmother happened to confess at a family gathering that one of her grandsons hated it when she let him know that he’d gotten too thin and needed to eat better…

Nozomi Sasaki in My Rainy Days (2009)

My Rainy Days leaves its conscious, woke viewer with mixed feelings.

7/10 IMDb

Director: Yuri Kanchiku

Starring: Nozomi Sasaki, Shosuke Tanihara

The most distinct feature of My Rainy Days aka Tenshi no koi (2009) is its aesthetic cinematography. That is probably the only reason it gets away with its portrayal…

Image courtesy:

Late into October of 2018, I was done with my hair.

I might identify as a 2B or 2C type of curly and I had recently moved to a part of the country where drinking water was the only kind of soft water available.

I remember the feeling after the…

Anjali Joshi

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